Equipment for sale, lease and use on site

Equipment for sale and lease

Column And Boom Welding Manipulator for Submerged Arc Welding SAW

Tandem submerged arc welding
Welding System: Oerlikon / AirLiquide MFT 70X60 SO
DIMENSIONS: high 8m; reach 6 m; dolly 3,7 m x 3,6 m
Tandem Submerged Arc Welding
- Starmatic 1303 DC
- Starmatic 1003 AC/DC
- Controller 2x Subarc 5
Integrated Powder Dryer and Kaeser Screw compressor for powder conveying
height. 8300 mm, max. height of welding head 1400 mm, horizontal move 6600 mm, move of welding head support 500 mm,horizontal speed 3 m/min., tilt speed 50 degree/min., vertical speed 1,1 m/min

Powersources OERLIKON Typ STARMATIC 1303 DC and 1003 AC/DC,

Rotator Set PR 3000
Manufacturer Sartore SRL capacity 300 t; max diameter 9 m
Max load 300t total, 150t per unit
Rollerdiameter/Width: 850 x 250 mm;
Rollermaterial: steel
center axes height over ground : 778 mm
Velocity: 65-1.230 mm/min 

Diameter of turning goods: 1.000-9.000mm
Powersource: 380/400 V, 3Ph, 50 Hz

Mobile SAW tractor unit Oerlikon MEGATRAC 6 SUBARC 3C STARMATIC 1033 / DC 

Mobile SAW tractor unit Oerlikon MEGATRAC 6 SUBARC 3C STARMATIC 1303 / DC